Russell & Rick

Over on Russell Simmon’s Global Grind, he posted this video of him and Rick Rubin in the limo on the way to the VH1’s Hip Hop Honors the other night. (Word is that Uncle Russell was very disappointed in the show…)


I eat shit like this up. Two moguls, two icons, two people that would seem to have nothing in common, effectively started and began the hip-hop empire, legitimizing it in a time where they had nothing to build off of or from. And how they did, and do have, both everything and nothing in common at the same time. Fascinating.

I liked the part where Simmons calls Rubin “nigga.” The hood dude in the tux calling the overgrown bearded white dude/yogi “nigga” and no one flinches. Worlds colliding.

The other thing I liked was how they talked about looking forward. Not staying stuck or obsessed over the past. Simmons talking about how he doesn’t even have photos or gold or platinum records from then. He goes on to talk about how taking or keeping pictures is silly. He has it all stored in his head. Funny because over the years and the people in the magazine, there were only two people I got pictures with.

One was KaySlay because before I owned a rap magazine, I painted graffiti, and knew the dude as the legendary Dirty Dez from Wild Style. So it was a trip to meet him in a different context. It was in Harlem at the Hall of Fame, for out fourth(?) cover photoshoot. What a fiasco that whole story turned out to be, with the dickhead writer leaking parts to illseed, fucking up deals between Kay, Pap and Jive. Ugh. Next time I saw Slay PB backed up because he thought Slay was gonna swing on me, which he has a rep of doing.

The other dude I got fliked up with was Joe Budden. That was because I remember being in a gas station, reading Vibe where Joe talked about being in recovery and going to NA meetings. I remember calling Rockalepsy right then and there. So fastforward a few years and being in the studio with Budden as he is about to release MM3, listening to the lyrics, and everyone leaves the room, so I decide to ask him about certain phrases, NA terminology, and he talks about being clean for a decade and having a homegroup, etc.

So the two pictures I got were those and for those personal reasons. I never really understood the point too much. I know who I met, who do I have to prove shit to? So to hear Russell and Rick chop it up in a similar vein, about the past, was good shit right there.