What I Do

I have media and publishing experience as a writer, journalist, editor and freelancer.

I work at Temple University as an adjunct, teaching and editing for PhiladelphiaNeighborhoods.com during a time it has won multiple awards. I used to run one magazine, now I’m the managing editor of another.

As someone entrenched in the music scene, and the city in general, the current publication was chosen as a curator in Philadelphia for the Red Bull Sound Select program.

I’ve also been a part of Tiny Room For Elephants since its inception. TRFE facilitates and curates creative arts to cultivate relationships between established artists, independent artists and their audiences. This is done through various events and pop-up events.

Naturally inquisitive and curious, I’m fascinated by people, lives and worlds other than my own. These traits have allowed me to cover a wide range of subject matter, such as a controversial interview with one of the most popular music artists in the world, a story on lucha libre and finding out what the deal is with those clothing donation boxes you see.

My history and experience translates to the initiative, responsibility, commitment and perseverance I am capable of. As someone who started and ran his own nationally distributed print publication, this also speaks to my creativity and ability to think outside of any box. Not on a sheet of a paper or a computer-screen, in words or a resume, but in action.

I am also a graduate of Temple University with magna cum laude distinction, receiving my degree in journalism. I am well versed in –and understand the importance of– interviewing, AP style, research, attention to detail, deadlines, editing, fact-checking and many other skill-sets.

If any of this interests you, you’re looking for work for hire or consulting and would like to talk further, feel free to contact me.