A Writing Revolution

After taking my midterm this morning in Magazine Editing, I was online and found this at Seed Magazine:


A Writing Revolution

Nearly universal literacy is a defining characteristic of today’s modern civilization; nearly universal authorship will shape tomorrow’s.

I emailed it to myself and just got done reading it. I was a little disappointed in the piece. With such a proclamation, I thought the entire article could have been the lead. Definitely made me want more. More information, more analysis. I was ready to discount the entire thing because I didn’t see any source list at the end, but as I read it, I found it under the graphic. In case you missed it, it is here.

As usual, the behind the scenes, methodology and sources in this case, were more interesting than the piece.

One of the questions I asked myself is whether or not someone who uses Twitter one time is a publisher. This got me thinking about libel, and something is considered published if it is read by any third party. By one person besides who is doing the writing and who the writing is about. I also question whether we are really 4 years away from 100% of the world being “published.”  I didn’t find anything about an allowed margin of error.