So Gas decided he wanted to start up some writing we had started before. The idea was simple. Execution, for Gas anyways, much more difficult. The idea was to collaborate on creative projects. The first was to each paint half of a canvas, then exchange them for the other to finish, not giving the other any direction.
I have the half I painted on my wall. He never did his.
Then I decided to do it with writing. Short stories of fiction. Same idea. Set word count, set deadline. No direction. He lost the one we started after missing deadline by several months, but said he wanted to start again. So we are.

Also, I have been doing a ton of reading of creative nonfiction. Chuck Klosterman, David Sedaris, Chuck Palahniuk. My old j-prof has mentioned a few times that he thinks I should do an autobiography. While I do think I have lead a fun and interesting life so far, the idea that I think that other people would be interested, or interested enough to read it or care seems very self-indulgent. On the other hand, I have started a blog, and like making people smile and laugh at my life…
In the interim, I have decided to start writing short essays on my life or experiences. If nothing else, it’s good practice at writing.